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"Here's a little bit about me."

An aspiring author, authentic auctioneer, and award winning videographer. He has been influenced by a unique combination of new and old age horror authors (including R.L Stine, Christopher Pike, and Robert Bloch), long dead philosophers (including nihilists, optimists, and old men who never shaved), and comedic groups (such as Abbott and Costello, Marx Brothers, and Red Skelton). All this while living in the desert southwest and having access to the entire world through the internet has resulted in a unique writing style that can boast both humor and horror. With several projects in the works, we cannot wait to see what the future will bring forth.


My current services include auctioneering work (preferably in the antiques and collectibles field but am always game for something new) and videography (commercials, short films, and mma hypes videos are a few, for example)

Interesting tidbits of recognition include:

- Various awards at film festivals

- 3(!!) Book covers that utilize my photographs

- A certificate of recognition from the Arizona Police Force

-The use of my photography in various magazines (including Cowboys & Indians!)

-Various martial arts certificates 

-Having co-hosted a film festival 

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