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Diary of a Dying Describer, V1

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Imagine if Edgar Allan Poe’s poetic darkness met the mind-bending tales of ‘American Horror Story’. Rowdy Olson’s ‘Diary of a Dying Describer: Volume 1’ isn’t just about tales—it’s about experiences that lurk in the shadows of our own minds. This isn’t merely reading—it’s an encounter. Dare to dip into the abyss?

“Greetings curious travelers. I invite you to delve into the haunting pages of my personal diary, where I have recorded some of the most eerie and unnerving tales from the far reaches of my imagination. These stories range from cautionary tales with deadly moral lessons to tales plucked from the most terrifying nightmares.

Beware, not all creatures are what they appear to be.

Some nightmares leave lasting impressions.

Religion can sometimes breed dangerous beliefs.

And so much more.

Join me as I take you on a journey through the twisted and distorted remnants of a once beautiful world, as derived from the diary of a dying describer.”

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See Praise For Dying Describer 

"Diary of a Dying Describer Volume 1, is a book of short stories created from the Genius Mind of Rowdy J. Olson. Eleven Short Stories, each in their own uniqueness proving to keep you in suspense and on the edge of your seat. Each story is greater than the last, leaving you wanting more. Can't wait for Volume 2!!!


Rowdy J. Olson has a great talent for putting his artistry into words. As a Fan of Horror, Diary of a Dying Describer Volume 1, is Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt, intertwined and supercharged. One of the best horror books we have had the privilege to read in a long while. A Top Ten Seller For Sure; If Not Already!"

- Rock and Brenda Whitehead (Award-winning Playwright, Author)

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First Time Short Film

Multiple Award Winning short film by first time filmmaker Rowdy Olson.

The film, Woman With No Name, was designed to be metaphorical. The story follows a woman, suggestively asleep, as she dreams of an old west saloon in which she hunts down a man on a wanted poster. The man's face changes several times before she finally encounters him, appearing as a masked man who she must chase through various dream realms. What is she chasing through her subconscious? Who is the faceless man? Several hints can be gleamed through the film but I hope the audience decides for themselves what the meaning of the film is. The script was written as a birthday gift to my mother, so at the time I didn't think we would rally up a crew to turn it into a film, but I am glad that my first film project was on the challenging side. Even if you are learning you should still strive to make something unique and engaging. The crew was beyond wonderful crew on this project. My friend Lewis Smith, his wife Kassandra & Missy Mayra were there. Lewis being our awesome lighting expert and photographer. And of course Caryl Wilson with Wild Instincts helped us get the finest wardrobe I have ever laid eyes upon, so a big thank you for that! Last but not least we need to thank our stars, Bobbi Jeen Olson and Jim Olson (who just so happen to be my parents), Bobbi Jeen was a huge help with gathering resources, actors, and locations without her none of this would have happened.

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Rowdy Olson's debut

poetry book

Abstract Thoughts of the Absent Minded

"Rowdy J. Olson's 'Abstract Thoughts of the Absent Minded' is a collective book of poetry and has a creative skill that pulls you in with each poem you read. Rowdy's flair and artistic talent gives you an eloquent taste of Poe, Lord Byron, Valladares and Fleming mixed with his own deep, dark and beautifully minded originality. Truly it is a must read for any advent fan of the poetry world."

- Rock and Brenda Whitehead (Festival Film Director's of The Wild Bunch Film Festival)

"I must say, for one so young, (Rowdy Olson) has amazingly deep insights and a sense of maturity about his writing that most people twice his age do not possess." 

- Sylvia Nobel (Author of the Kendall O'Dell mystery series)


Magazine Cover


Published Article!

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2023 NBSSCA Winter Issue Cover Photo

Photographer: Rowdy J Olson

Model: Bobbi Jeen Olson

Wardrobe: Wild Instincts

Location: Wickenburg, AZ


“North Fork Bullet”

2010 Gypsy Vanner

Trainer Jackia Johnson

Owner Shanna Grossman


Walla Walla Prison Made

Bit & Spurs

Private Collection

Balconette Sidesaddle

Private Collection

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 10.23.08 AM.png

Multiple NBSSCA Magazines

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 9.30.59 AM 2.png

As the reigning designer behind the dazzling pages of the NBSSCA magazine (and the photographer behind 6 out of 7 recent covers, but who's counting?), I can proudly say they look absolutely smashing. It's something akin to a puzzle, receiving a bundle of articles and images every few months, and then spending a good chunk of time slapping it all together into a magazine masterpiece. I mean, I have the power to make those saddle pictures look like they belong in an art gallery!

Now, I must confess, I might be a tad biased, but hey, who isn't? If you're interested in immersing yourself in the Western Lifestyle head on over to their website at Sign up, and when you do, be sure to mention that the illustrious, the one and only, yours truly sent you. Trust me, it'll earn you some serious cowboy cred (or get you chased out, who knows).

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